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Forbidden Forest is the third quest area of Ryndor with the boss Hydra.


Quest Name Energy Experience Required Items Drops
Z4 a3 q1 Drawing On The Earth 13 19 None Gold491-601
Z4 a3 q2 Wrath Of Nature 14 21 Chest knightly x1 Gold542-662
Z4 a3 q3 Eyes Of The Succubus 15 23 Chest knightly x2
Off duelingdagger x1
Z4 a3 q4 Arboreal Assault 16 25 Chest knightly x3
Off duelingdagger x2
Hydra small Hydra 60 126 Chest knightly x4
Off duelingdagger x3

Quest Name Energy Experience Required Items Drops
Z4 a3 q1 Drawing On The Earth 14 21 None Gold542-662
Z4 a3 q2 Wrath Of Nature 15 23 Chest knightly x5 Gold594-726
Z4 a3 q3 Eyes Of The Succubus 16 25 Chest knightly x6
Off duelingdagger x4
Z4 a3 q4 Arboreal Assault 17 27 Chest knightly x7
Off duelingdagger x5
Hydra small Hydra 65 137 Chest knightly x8
Off duelingdagger x6

Quest Name Energy Experience Required Items Drops
Z4 a3 q1 Drawing On The Earth 17 26 None Gold704-860
Z4 a3 q2 Wrath Of Nature 18 28 Chest knightly x10 Gold761-931
Z4 a3 q3 Eyes Of The Succubus 19 30 Chest knightly x11
Off duelingdagger x7
Z4 a3 q4 Arboreal Assault 20 32 Chest knightly x12
Off duelingdagger x8
Hydra small Hydra 70 147 Chest knightly x13
Off duelingdagger x9

Quest Name Energy Experience Required Items Drops
Z4 a3 q1 Drawing On The Earth 22 34 None Gold1010-1234
Z4 a3 q2 Wrath Of Nature 23 36 Chest knightly x16 Gold1076-1316
Z4 a3 q3 Eyes Of The Succubus 24 38 Chest knightly x17
Off duelingdagger x10
Z4 a3 q4 Arboreal Assault 25 40 Chest knightly x18
Off duelingdagger x11
Hydra small Hydra 75 164 Chest knightly x19
Off duelingdagger x12

Area Lores

Pre Lore

The fiends have left a trail which even the most incompetent scout could follow. Patches of blackened grass mark their passing clearly as a series of signal fires.

"They're heading into the Forbidden Forest," says Roland.

"That doesn't sound good," you remark.

"It's just a name," Roland replies. "Back in those days everything was given doom, or death, or forbidden in its name. Explorers tend to be an imaginative bunch."

As you near the forest you hear the sounds of combat which seems to provide the musical accompaniment to your life these days.

"Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't real dangers in that forest," Roland says.

You move into the trees, and are greeted by an even more insane scene than the one you witnessed outside the cave. Once again demons are attacking everything and everything in sight. You see imps and hellhounds, along with fiends you don't recognize. And you can see another of the orange pools behind them. But this time they're battling men and women in green robes, and... walking trees?

The nearest druid, an elf, turns to you as you approach.

"Are you responsible for these abominations, human?" she asks, her eyes glittering.

"Yes.. No... Not exactly..." you reply.

"Very lucid," she says, with a rather unladylike snort. Then she rushes back into the fray, making strange gestures with her hands. A second later a nearby tree uproots itself, and wades into the battle.

Drawing On The Earth

Three of the druids begin chanting, and the air grows heavy with magic preparing to be born. Some of the demons notice this as well, and move to attack the trio. You step into their path, to protect the druids and buy them the time they need to work their spell.

Wrath Of Nature

Thick, thorny vines erupt from the ground. They seize hold of severeal fiends, trapping them as if in a great spider's web, piercing their unnatural hides. You move in for the kill, to dispatch them before tehy can free themselves.

Eyes Of The Succubus

A feamale fiend stalks towards you, her horrific face open in a vicious grin. Her eyes meet yours, and suddenly she's the most beautiful creature you've ever seen. Your sword-arm falls by your side, and your senses swim... Until a harsh chord from Medea's harp breaks the spell.

Arboreal Assault

You hurl the succubus' corpse aside. But bigger problems remain. One of the treants has touched the portal with its roots. Tendrils of orange writhe across its trunk, and its eyes blaze with the madness of corruption as it advances, attacking friend and foe alike.


The treant topples over, its trunk as rigid and lifeless as that of a normal tree. It crashed to the ground, its upper half landing on the portal and smashing the creatures which were attempting to clamber from it. Orange globules are thrown into the air, and come down smoldering on the dirt. The treant begins to sink into the infernal substance, its roots rising into the air as its upper half disappears into whatever demonic realm lies beyond that lava-like surface. The its entire body slides into the greedy orange pool, which contracts around it like a swallowing maw. A moment more and both treant and portal are gone.

"That treant had seen centuries come and go," says one of the druids, an ancient, grey-bearded elf. "The forest will mourn his loss."

"Um... yes," you say, not quite sure how one should properly eulogy a tree -- even a walking on.

"You're hunting those demons?" he asks.

"Yes," you reply. "And we should leave, before they get away from us."

The druid nods. "Of course. Such creatures cannot be permitted to remain in our realm. They are an affront to the natural order. We would offer our help, but we have a task of our own. We came in pursuit of a-"

"Hydra!" screms a void

A great hissing fills the air. It seems that whatever the druids were hunting has found them instead, perhaps attracted by the sounds of combat. Seven huge snake heads emerge from the trees, writhing at the end of long, sinuous necks. Red eyes glimmer with predatory sharpness, and forked tongues slide out past brutal fangs, trembling in the air as if seeking prey to taste.

"Fire!" yells Lucian, the scholar. His voice sounds strangely elated at the prospect of fighting such a monster. "Fireballs, torches, flaming arrows -- anything! Chop off the heads, and burn the necks!"

First a three-headed dog, now a seven-headed snake. What a life...'

Closing Lore

The last head falls twitching to the ground, and the last bloody neck stump is cauterized with fire. The thick serpentine body collapses beside its severed heads, thrashing for a moment before growing still. "Another academic theory validated," remarks Lucian, apparently to himself. He pokes one of the pages of his book with an inky index finger, and smiles in satisfaction. "Brilliance! Sheer brilliance!"

"That monster has cost us valuable time," says Marcus. "We should hurry."

You nod your agreement, and order those well enough to ride or march to move out. You're about to assign some healers to remain behind with the wounded, when the ancient druid speaks.

"We'll tend to your injured," he says. "Go. Destroy the fiends."''

You speak a few hasty words of thanks, then ride off. After what you've already been through, it's difficult to imagine that your day's work isn't yet done. But there are still demons to be slain. And there are still unpleasant thoughts running through your mind, which you know you'll soon have to confront.

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