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Fire Golem Epic Troop
Legion damage: 176.4

Duel power: 63
Attack: 100
Defense: 90
Race construct Construct
Role ranged Ranged
Source special Special
Fire Golem gains 15 Attack and 15 Defense when placed in the Automated Army legion

Fire golem
The difference between a golem and an elemental is simple: elementals exist naturally. A mage may summon them, but never create them. Whereas golems, even those made of fire, ice, or wind, are constructs fashioned by the hands or spells of the mortal races. However, that point is largely moot to anyone unfortunate enough to be incinerated by a fire golem's torrents of flame.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions 6/22/12 - 6/7/13

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