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Fiend-Smasher Main Hand
Raid damage: 930

Duel power: 95
Attack: 215
Defense: 70
Perception: 45
Doom of Demons: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Demons

Main fiend smasher
A holy warrior woman led her companions in a great victory over a horde of demons, smiting dozens of them by her own hand. But her time in this world drew to a close at the apex of her triumph, and she fell beneath the weight of her injuries. The people she had saved with her valor built a magnificent sarcophagus to house her remains, one so elaborate that some whispered the woman herself -- who had shunned wealth and luxury -- would never have approved of it. This opinion was later proven true. For when demons attacked again many decades later, and a young paladin knelt in prayer before her tomb, her spirit appeared and told him to fashion a weapon from its metal.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 12/16/11 until 12/30/11 for 20 Planet Coins
Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 04/13/2012, 06/22/2012, 07/05/13

Part of Bohemond's Set

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