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Farzak's Infernal Spear Off Hand
Raid damage: 820

Duel power: 93
Attack: 180
Defense: 100
Farzak's Epiphany: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Farzak item equipped

Off farzak spear
VII. It is said that the gods are much like men. Though far greater in power, they bear many of the same failings as their mortal worshippers. Farzak first learned of this when he flitted past Rassys' palace, and glanced through the window of her bedchamber. There he saw her atop a martial god whose wife was heavy with his seed. For one such as Farzak, who had always shunned the ribald myths and legends - regarding them as blasphemous untruths - it was a harsh awakening. And it was far from his last. For the longer he spent among the gods, the more distant they seemed from the beings he had worshipped as a mortal man.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinPlanet Coins - Limited Time Item, available for 20 Planet Coins from 9/16/11 until 9/30/11, Planet CoinRetired Expeditions

Part of Farzak's Set

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