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Fanged Stallion unique Mount
Raid damage: 3200

Duel power: 392
Attack: 675
Defense: 500
Gift Horse in the Mouth: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if Blood-Drinker's Band is owned; Extra damage if Vampire's Fang Talisman is owned; Extra damage if Lady Semporina is owned; Extra damage if Tollo Darkgaze is owned; Extra damage against Undead raids

Fanged stallion
"You're a vampire in disguise, aren't you?" you say.

"Quiet!" he says. "I'll carry you around, but you have to keep your mouth shut!"

"What're you hiding from?"

"My wife! When she gets in one of her moods, she throws me out of the castle. Through the wall! Hey... You're an adventurer, aren't you? I don't suppose you could, you know, slay her?"

"Not unless she does something evil."

"I thought you'd say that." He lets out a neigh that resembles a sigh. "When I said my wedding vows, and promised to love her for all my days, I didn't know we'd become vampires. You ask me, a hundred years is too long for anyone!"

Obtained By:

Unlocking the Locked Vampiric Lockbox