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Endless Dawn Legs Epic Pants
Raid damage: 5400

Duel power: 700
Attack: 1100
Defense: 1000
Perception: 500
Vigilance, Eternal: 15% chance to deal 20,000 damage; Extra 5,000 damage for each unique piece of Endless Dawn set equipped; Extra 1,000 damage for each Equipment piece or Mount owned from Rising, Crystal, Glorious, or Breaking Dawn sets; Extra 750,000 damage against Dragon raids; 20% chance to discover a Dragon's Anatomy on-hit while full set is worn against non-Guild related Dragon raids

Pants endless dawn

Pants endless dawn f


Somehow he found himself looking over the art in his foyer, faceless warriors of a time long passed. His time would be up soon, and it would be up to these degenerates to defend the kingdom. The young fools who had forgotten the urgency and desperation that he knew so well. Karzo nearly growled as he looked over the statue that would far outlast him.

"Something troubling you, Lord Karzo?" came a low feminine voice behind him.

"I will be gone soon, and there will be no one here to remind these upstarts what's truly important," he spat out immediately, "No one to show them the importance of duty and loyalty."

The cane at his side cracked against the ground in anger. "This blasted thing will have to watch all of their mistakes til their undoing."

Lord Karzo paused, realizing he had no idea who he was speaking to. He began to turn.

"Perhaps we can come to an arrangement..."

Obtained By:


Part of Endless Dawn Set


  • Endless Dawn Legs is a part of one recipe.