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Echidnan Bulwark Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 740

Duel power: 97
Attack: 150
Defense: 140
Dragon of the West: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Nightmare raids

Shield echidnan
II. Echidna made the long journey to Bhanipur, flying through the same skies which had borne her in her youth. She traveled that exotic land in search of the many-armed goddes or fiend who'd once enchanted her with music and asked a strange question. The dragon visited great temples, where worshippers carved statues and sang hymns in Uksmi's name. But they could offer no aid. They said only that their deity was fickle in such things, and appeared when and where she pleased
Obtained By:

Upgrade the Sluriasma Claw Blade with an Echidna Scale

Part of Echidnan Set


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