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Echidna-Flayer's Cuisses Epic Pants
Raid damage: 4500

Duel power: 600
Attack: 900
Defense: 900
The Dragon's Gone West: 10% chance to deal 15,000 damage; Extra 1,000 damage for each unique piece of Echidna-Flayer set equipped; Extra 5,000 damage for each unique piece of Master Sluriasmic set owned; Extra 250,000 damage against Dragon raids; Extra 100,000 damage against Nightmare raids

Echidna flayer set pants
"Well fought, Marcus," Sar Velania said. "I saw the blow you struck. Some might say it was the killing blow."

The former guardsman shrugged.

"We all did our part. Glory should never belong to one warrior alone."

"Not even %name%?"

A faint smile crossed his face.

"Maybe %him%," he said. "But only because the kingdom needs it."

Obtained By:


Part of Echidna-Flayer's Set


  • Echidna-Flayer's Cuisses is a part of one recipe.

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