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Dread Butcher's Trousers Rare Pants
Raid damage: 460

Duel power: 53
Attack: 100
Defense: 60
Increases Stamina by 6

Pants dread butcher
6. One day, when he was visiting the farm that bred many of the animals he slaughtered, served to customers, and ate himself, he saw something in the pigsty. One of the hogs had managed to work the latch on the wooden gate. He'd used his snout to lift it and maneuver it, slipping it aside so he could escape to freedom. The farmer was there in time to grab the gate, hold it closed, and clout the animal over the head. But Timothy's mind reeled. If a pig could do that, what else could it do? So he tried the mirror test. And that was what proved it. When he set it before cats or dogs, they acted as though another animal had appeared in front of them. Yet with the pig... The pig seemed to recognize its reflection.
Obtained By:

Rare loot from Jack (Raid)

Part of Dread Butcher's Set

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