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Dread Butcher's Spine Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 460

Duel power: 53
Attack: 100
Defense: 60
Increases Stamina by 6

Off dread butcher
2. The boy frowned. He asked the priest how anyone could know which creatures possessed souls, since souls were both invisible and intangible. The priest thought about this for a moment. He considered saying that the scriptures revealed which species bore souls and which were mere beasts. However, he knew that answer would only bring forth another barrage of questions. But as it happened, the priest's order was one which embraced philosophy alongside theology. Thus he explained to Timothy that some beings -- such as humans, elves, and gnomes -- were sentient. They possessed self-awareness, and were capable of recognizing themselves in mirrors. Whereas other creatures, such as cows or chickens, weren't sentient. The priest cautioned Timothy to never eat sentient creatures, lest he consume their souls and in turn do harm to his own.
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Jack (Raid)

Part of Dread Butcher's Set


  • Dread Butcher's Spine is a part of one recipe.

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