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Drake-Slayer's Cuisses Epic Pants
Raid damage: 900

Duel power: 120
Attack: 180
Defense: 180
Warrior of the Drake War: Chance for bonus damage against Dragons

Pants drakeslayer
IV. It was no mortal whose song she had heard. Ukshmi, whom some call divine and others infernal, sat in a field -- playing three sitars with her many arms, singing with a voice that danced in Echidna's soul. Ukshmi smiled when the dragon say before her, and continued to weave her song to the delight of her draconic listener. So when enemies came upon her, servants of a god who despised Ukshmi, Echidna fought at her side. For all the powers their master had lent them, the humans were slain. And Ukshmi offered the dragon a reward for her aid.
Obtained By:

Crafting: Locar Kessov's Cuisses with Krykagrius Victory Banner

Part of Drake-Slayer's Set


  • Drake-Slayer's Cuisses is a part of one recipe.

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