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Dragonslayer (Red) Epic Main Hand
Raid damage: 750

Duel power: 100
Attack: 150
Defense: 150
Dragonslayer: +700 Attack against Dragons

Main dragon slayer red
Dragonsbane glowed when you entered Locar Kessov's treasure room, as though the enchantments woven into the blade sensed something. No... yearned for something. The room was filled with wondrous artifacts, but it was a dusty pile of assorted objects nestled in a corner that drew the sword. There, beneath numerous strange trinkets, you found a gem. And you knew that it belonged in Dragonsbane's pommel... Once the relic and weapon were joined, the union imbued the sword with newfound might, heightening the power of its wyrm-killing edge.
Obtained By:

Crafting together the original Dragonsbane sword with the Red Dragon's Doom gem received from Kessov Castle raid during the Kessov Siege: Blood Will Run Cold! event.

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