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Dragon Bone Slayer Epic Main Hand
Raid damage: 610

Duel power: 73
Attack: 130
Defense: 90
Perception: 70

Main dragon bone slayer
"The winds whisper of a time when beasts of wing and scale will descend upon the land, and great will be the destruction they wreak. But they too shall be destroyed. Even their own bones will turn against them, and split their hides." -- Lassani the Prophetess
Obtained By:


Additional Info:

Also used with Pragmatic Relic to create Dragon Bone Slaughterer

Part of Dark Drake Set

Web VersionRecipes

  • Dragon Bone Slayer is a part of 2 recipes.

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Name Type Recraft Type
Dragon Bone Slayer Items/Lineage
Main dragonbone
Dragon brain
Dragon heart
Dragon liver
Dragon kidney
Dragon intestine
Main dragon bone slayer

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