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Dragon-Rider's Vambraces Epic Gloves
Raid damage: 720

Duel power: 100
Attack: 140
Defense: 160
Perception: 75
For <playername>: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each different Dragon-Rider set item owned; Increases Perception by 100 if the Dragon-Rider's Blade is owned

Gloves dragon rider
"We were all scared. But the smallest ones were crying, so we tried to be brave. For them. We took spears from the armory and said we'd look after them when the monsters came. We told them it would be okay. And they believed us, because we were older. They didn't know we were lying. I don't remember the fight... But I remember after. When <playername> said we were safe. I started crying." -- Timth of Burden's Rest
Obtained By:

Possible drop from Frog-Men Assassins quest boss

Part of Dragon-Rider's Set

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