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Dragon-Cleaver (Grey) Poor Off Hand
Raid damage: 250

Duel power: 33
Attack: 50
Defense: 50
Cleaver of Drakes: +75 Attack against Dragons

Off dragon cleaver grey
An alchemist once told you that if an experiment seemed promising you should try it again -- even if it blew up and killed three of your apprentices. So you did. The repetition part, anyway (you'll leave the incineration of apprentices to members of her quirky and not entirely sane profession). You acquired a gem which seemed identical to that which enhanced Dragonsbane, and had it mounted on Dragon-Hewer's pommel. A glowing aura appeared around the weapon to validate your hypothesis. Perhaps this successful experiment means you're now an inventor as well as a warrior. If you ever tire of battles and adventuring, you might be able to find a productive career fusing magical objects together...
Obtained By:

Craft together the original Dragon-Hewer with the Grey Dragon's Doom gem received from Kessov Castle raids.


  • Dragon-Cleaver (Grey) is a part of one recipe.