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Derek's Boots Epic Boots
Raid damage: 1020

Duel power: 120
Attack: 220
Defense: 140
Derek's Daring: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Derek item equipped; Extra damage if Penelope's Band is equipped; Extra damage against Dragons

Boots derek
V. Derek trembled with each footstep. He yearned to flee into the countryside, to lose himself in the forests, but he knew that the adventurers would ride him down and drag him back. So he stumbled his way up the path, like a man going to the gallows, until he found himself staring at the purple dragon. When the wyrm gazed upon him he wept. But to his amazement she didn't burn him with her breath, or devour him with her mighty jaws. Instead she demanded to know what troubled him. For the purple dragon was Penelope, a human woman whose body had been transformed through a careless magical wish -- leaving her in the guise of a drake. Thus Derek wasn't fated to die at her teeth and claws, and the tears dried upon his cheeks.
Obtained By:

Very rare Epic loot from NM Dragon's Lair (Raid)


The name and description of this equipment is a reference to a game developed by Cinematronics in 1983 called 'Dragon's Lair', and is shown to be the equipment worn by the hero - Dirk the Daring - (who strove to save the fair maiden "Daphne" from the Dragon's Lair).

Part of Derek's Set

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