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Demon Slayer's Legplates Epic Pants
Raid damage: 475

Duel power: 63
Attack: 95
Defense: 95
Perception: 50
Increases critical hit chance against Demons

Pants demon slayer
IV. Echthros, a great fiend of the infernal realm, heard the shaman's call. He came to the summoning circle, and promised death for the Black Wolves. In exchange, he demanded an oath bound with blood - a vow that on an agreed upon day the demon would be allowed to return to the mortal world, and claim anything which belonged to the man's descendants. The shaman hesitated, for he had no wish to doom his children or grandchildren - and buy his survival with their destruction. But when Echthros named the day on which he would collect his debt, the man laughed. For it lay far in the dim and distant future, across a gulf of time inconceivable to mortal minds. So he accepted, and the Black Wolves perished.
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Echthros (World Raid)

Part of Demon Slayer's Set

Web VersionRecipe

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