Dawn of the Dragons is a MMO RPG application developed by 5th Planet Games that utilizes the free-to-play business model, wherein the essential game play is free, while special options and items become available with the purchase and use of a currency known as Planet Coins with real-world money.

Limited items for September 2017

Main putrefaction
Off putrefaction
Helm putrefaction
Chest putrefaction
Gloves putrefaction
Dawn Breaker
20 Planet CoinsPlanet Coin
Bane Blade
20 Planet CoinsPlanet Coin
Corruptor's Crown
20 Planet CoinsPlanet Coin
Putrefaction Plating
20 Planet CoinsPlanet Coin
Hands of Corruption
20 Planet CoinsPlanet Coin
Pants putrefaction
Boots putrefaction
Ring putrefaction
Mount putrefaction
Putrefaction Pants
20 Planet CoinsPlanet Coin
Putrefaction Pads
20 Planet CoinsPlanet Coin
Wretched Ring
20 Planet CoinsPlanet Coin
Corrupted Golems
30 Planet CoinsPlanet Coin

(For previous limited time items, see here.)

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