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Darkfriars Crest Epic Crafting Component

Crafts a boost for Happlo Quicksteel, Angus the Red, Olaf the Metal-Faced Bard
Darkfriars crest
Obtained By:

Dealing 125m damage to Detention at Darkfriars (Rare Spawn)

Additional Info:

Crafts Happlo Quicksteel Boost I, Angus the Red Boost I, Olaf the Metal-Faced Bard Boost I. Happlo Quicksteel Boost II, Angus the Red Boost II, or Olaf the Metal-Faced Bard Boost II will be available after the first boost is crafted for the character. After the second boost for any character is made, may be used to craft 50 Stat Points.


  • Darkfriars Crest is a part of 3 recipes.

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