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Dark Drake Cuisses Uncommon Pants
Raid damage: 490

Duel power: 63
Attack: 100
Defense: 90
Perception: 90
Ebon Scales: Chance for bonus raid damage

Pants dark drake
IV. "Not all dragons craved godhood. Some feared that the true gods would bring them to ruin if they did not cease from their prideful ways. They spoke out against their covetous brethren, urged them to abandon the dark plans which were forming in their minds. Some were swayed by the words of drakes such as Tiresias and Erimides, who were respected for their wisdom. And those who yearned to rule and subjugate feared that their machinations would come to naught if such interference were allowed to continue." -- The Blind Bard, 'Legends of Terracles'
Obtained By:

Possible drop from Tenebra the Shadow-Mistress quest boss

Additional Info:

Used as a Crafting Component with Pragmatic Relic to create Drake-Death Cuisses

Part of Dark Drake Set

Web VersionRecipe

  • Dark Drake Cuisses is a part of one recipe.

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