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Dao's Shield Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 520

Duel power: 188
Attack: 70
Defense: 240
Perception: 50
Increases Stamina by 20; PvP Bonus: +85 power, +7 deflect

Shield dao
II. In the days when he hadn't yet turned to the shaman's path, Dao had been an adventurer. Now he donned his old panoply once more, took up his sword and shield, and set out. For his tribe always kept their word. They would not make dissemblers of their ancestors. A foolhardy band of felpuur had promised an artifact to their employer, but perished within the depths of the crypt. And so the burden of their oath fell upon their kin -- though it had mattered little in the days when the crypt was hidden from mortal eye and tread. But fate or incomprehensible machinations had yanked its maw open once more, and it seemed that the noble families of humankind had long memories
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions starting 2/3/12

Part of Dao's Set

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