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Dao's Blade Epic Main Hand
Raid damage: 850

Duel power: 203
Attack: 180
Defense: 130
Perception: 50
Increases Stamina by 20; PvP Bonus: +100 power, +9 damage

Main dao
I. Dao Clawmind sensed the coming of the messengers long before he heard their footfalls or saw the nervousness upon their faces. And he knew their purpose before the words left their mouths or the missive their leader's hand. The Crypt of Caracalla had opened once more. And his tribe had to make good on a promise made long before any of their grandfathers' births. The messengers looked about them with wild eyes, expecting to feel the touch of tooth and claw for the demands they had conveyed. But Dao merely smiled, bowed his head, and told them that it would be so.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 2/3/12

Part of Dao's Set

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