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Dant'Kun Epic General
Legion damage: 828

Duel power: 230
Attack: 345
Defense: 345
Race orc Orc
Role melee Melee
Source strength Strength
Blue Dreamer: Increases Player's Attack, Defense (+18, +5 with boost), and Stamina (+13, +5 with boost)

The blue orc's gaze is disconcerting. His eyes are bright as lanterns, almost blazing with awe. It reminds you of the fanaticism you've seen on the faces of worshippers pouring forth from their god's temple, inspired by a sermon and filled with religious zeal. You need to find out what he wants. But you already have a feeling that the answer won't be to your liking...
Obtained By:

Nightmare Teremarthu (Quest Boss)

Additional Info:

Can be upgraded by crafting Dant'Kun Boost:


Dantkun big

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