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Daneela of the Unkindness III Epic General
Legion damage: 5600

Duel power: 1333
Attack: 2500
Defense: 1500
Race human Human
Role melee Melee
Trans16 Any
Beyond Death's Door: 20% chance to deal 100,000 damage; Extra 200,000 damage against Campaigns; 10% chance to call a Death Raven; 8% chance to command a Death Raven to attack for 200,000 damage; Gains 100 Attack and Defense for each unique Raven, Death Raven, Deadly Raven, Damned Raven or Spirit Raven set item owned; Provides a 60% Legion Special Power Bonus while in the Ravenguard IV legion

Daneela of the unkindness iii general
"The gods created ravens before angels, to watch the world and punish its sins. Perhaps even heaven has forgotten. But the unkindness remembers..." -- Daneela of the Unkindness
Obtained By:



  • Daneela of the Unkindness III is a part of one recipe.


Dweb spirit raven

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