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Dahrizon Legendary General
Legion damage: 1008

Duel power: 280
Attack: 420
Defense: 420
Race human Human
Trans16 Any
Source special Special
Dahrizon: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each different Troop owned; Dahrizon's Attack and Defense increase by 25 for every 12 different Troops owned; (Passive) Boosts the power of all your legions by 100%

General dahrizon
The warlord was believed to be long dead, to have perished within the walls of his castle -- victim of whatever affliction caused his inexplicable behavior at the close of the Year of the Ten Warlords. But by unraveling the mysteries contained within his writings you were able to draw him back from whatever unfathomable place he's spent the intervening years. He refuses to speak of where he's been or what he's done, save to murmur words about the "dark horizon" which only serve to deepen the mystery. And as he seems willing enough to lend his talents to your fight against the dragons, you've refrained from questioning him further.
Obtained By:

Crafted using the following Epic Scrolls from the Scrolls of Dahrizon quest bosses:


Named after a team member, George Perkins


  • Dahrizon is a part of one recipe.
Dahrizon Misc/Legends Stats/Legends
Scroll dahrizon i
Scroll dahrizon ii
Scroll dahrizon iii
Scroll dahrizon iv
Scroll dahrizon v
General dahrizon

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