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Cyan Scale Wings Epic Chest
Raid damage: 440

Duel power: 67
Attack: 80
Defense: 120

Chest cyan

Chest cyan f

4. First Nimrod was asked to seek out Persephone, a wyrm who had vowed to stand against her kin if they pressed on with their plan of subjugating the other races and demanding their worship. To her it was blasphemy for their kind to speak of themselves as gods, for she was a pious drake who had long praised the heavenly immortals and harnessed their powers as any human priest would. But her piety didn't save her from the hunter's claws. Nimrod tore her open and devoured her heart, savoring the taste of blood, flesh, and victory.
Obtained By:

Possible drop from The Dragons' Claw quests and quest help requests; Epic drop from:

Part of Cyan Scale Set

Web VersionRecipe

  • Cyan Scale Wings is a part of one recipe.

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