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Cyan Scale Arm Blades Uncommon Gloves
Raid damage: 440

Duel power: 67
Attack: 80
Defense: 120

Gloves cyan
5. There was a djinn named Al-Hafiz, who once swore to defend West Kruna if ever the kingdom needed his aid -- a promise made to a former king who freed him from the magical prison in which he had been bound. When he saw a dragon leading an army of kobolds against a town he flew to the rescue. He drove the wyrm away with maelstroms of magic, and eradicated his minions in a tide of eldritch power. Yet he too fell when Nimrod ambushed him, and tore him apart before he could cast a single spell.
Obtained By:

Possible drop from The Dragons' Claw quests and quest help requests; Uncommon drop from:

Part of Cyan Scale Set

Web VersionRecipe

  • Cyan Scale Arm Blades is a part of one recipe.

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