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Crystal Infusers Epic Legion

20 Generals: 2 Oroc, 4 Melee, 4 Wisdom, 4 Strength, 6 Any
70 Troops: 25 Magical Being, 25 Melee, 20 Any
12 Armaments: 3 Relic, 3 Siege, 6 Support
Power Bonus: 300%, +650% vs Shadow Elf

Crystalline Infusion: 10% chance to deal 75,000 damage; Extra 10,000 damage for each Crystalfang in the active legion; Extra 150,000 damage against Shadow Elf raids
Legion 3
"The crystals whisper to me from the dark recesses of the earth and I heed their call." --Lexoraa the Dark Seer
Obtained By:

Shadow Behemoth (World Raid)

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