Count Siculus' Phantom is the only boss encounter for Whispers. As with all bosses, Count Siculus' Phantom can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence siculus Count Siculus' Phantom Essence Used to summon Count Siculus' Phantom (Raid) Whispers Count Siculus' Phantom Quest Boss
Ghostly whisper 4 Ghostly Whisper 4 Craft Rohesia Whispers Count Siculus' Phantom Nightmare Quest Boss
Citadel book pet emporium Pet Emporium Book This book allows you to construct the Pet Emporium in your Citadel, and can be obtained by defeating Count Siculus' Phantom (quest version) on Normal difficulty. Quest: N Count Siculus' Phantom
Citadel scroll research library Research Library Scroll 6 This scroll allows you to construct additional items from the Research Library in your Citadel. Quest: N Count Siculus' Phantom
Main library watchman 1 Library Watchman's Bludgeon 80 80 100 Hands off the books!: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Normal Raids Whispers Count Siculus' Phantom Normal Quest Boss
Main library watchman 2 Library Watchman's Scepter 130 130 163 Hands off the books!; Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against hard raids. Whispers Count Siculus' Phantom Hard Quest Boss
Main library watchman 3 Library Watchman's Spear 150 150 188 Hands off the books!; Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Legendary raids. Whispers Count Siculus' Phantom Legendary Quest Boss
Main library watchman 4 Library Watchman's Eviscerator 180 180 225 Hands off the Books!: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Nightmare Raids Whispers Count Siculus' Phantom Nightmare Quest Boss
Ink and quill brown Brown Ink and Quill Craft ×2 Stat Points Whispers Zone
Ink and quill grey Grey Ink and Quill Craft ×2 Stat Points Whispers Zone
Ink and quill green Green Ink and Quill Craft ×2 Stat Points Whispers Zone
Ink and quill blue Blue Ink and Quill Craft ×2 Stat Points Whispers Zone
Ink and quill purple Purple Ink and Quill Craft ×2 Stat Points Whispers Zone
Ink and quill orange Orange Ink and Quill Craft ×2 Stat Points Whispers Zone


Enter Battle

The black pyre was almost imperceptible here, its distant malice hidden behind voices which had diminished to whispering waves. That prophetic tome had been potent. If she continued to read its anonymous words, perhaps she could reach the entrance and escape. But Rohesia wouldn't flee. Not from Bernice.

She reached for the spellbook with both hands, for it was a large and weighty volume. Frenthum had carried it for her last time. They'd examined its incantations together, sharing thoughts and theories as they worked. Before the whispers. Before Bernice had taken him from her.

Rohesia's fingers found the page she sought.

The susurration froze, as though every voice was breathless. Then a hellish din burst forth. Perhaps Bernice's black pyre understood her intention, was roaring and launching crashing waves through the sea to prevent it from coming to pass.

Rohesia gritted her teeth. The bitch wouldn't stop her!

She strode between the shelves, the great tome open against her left arm -- her right hand transfixing the spell that would bring an end to it all.

"No!" Terracles cried. The monster he was strangling echoed the word with her shriek.

"Turn back, child!" Lord Tyranthius exclaimed.

"You stupid whore!" Arach roared. His fists crashed against his prison. "I'll tear your spine out!"

"Wait!" Callissa said.

"Stop! You don't-" Kyddin began.

"Shut up!" Rohesia's shoulder banged against the edge of a bookcase. The erupting pain lent new fury to her voice. "All of you, shut up!"

The books were screaming, threatening, denouncing, pleading. Bernice had turned them all against her, raised them up as an immense necromantic legion to do her bidding -- to thwart Rohesia and help bring about the apprentice's destruction. So she ignored their voices, thrust them aside. If she just reached that gloomy nook where the grimoire lay...

Black fire whooshed towards the ceiling. The ebon beacon was burning up into the heavens, down into the core of the world -- a dark spear piecing existence and shrieking its curses. Rohesia made for it. She drove her way through the babble.

"Don't do it!" a thousand voices said.

"We'll destroy you!" said a thousand more.

Kazarach rumbled. The books shuddered on the shelves, shook and thrashed. Rohesia didn't know if that was sorcery or insanity. She didn't care. Didn't pause. Neither would stand in her way.

Crimson light exploded on her left. One of the arcane tomes was glowing, casting its angry light across her path. An emerald torrent splashed from another. A third spewed golden waves.

The apprentice blundered through the eldritch light. It seared and scratched and bit at her.

"Damn you!" The bellowing infernal voice made the entire bookcase tremble. Volumes tumbled to the floor, their pages rustling and whispering -- voices lost in the chaos. "Damn you!"

A blue hand grabbed at her. Black nails rent the air at the ends of thick, powerful fingers. Rohesia threw herself aside. She crashed into the opposite shelves, dislodging more books, and evaded its grasp.

Madness. She was sure of it now. Bernice's grimoire was unhinging her mind, scrambling her senses. Roasting her brain.

The apprentice darted round a corner, amidst luminous arcane tempests. More hands were emerging from the books. Figments of her imagination, she was certain -- but perhaps imagination was enough to destroy a madwoman. So she closed the hefty volume she was holding and brandished it as a club.

"I'll kill you, Bernice! I'll pluck your eyes out!"

Rohesia swung the tome and bashed the arms aside, battered her way through the clutching limbs until she emerged in a broader passage. The voices wailed in dismay as hands closed on empty air. The way ahead was too wide for them to reach her from the shelves.

Only a little further... She was near the prophecy section now. Then she'd cast the spell and-

A peal of sepulchral laughter drove shards of ice through her eyes.

Torrents of crimson gushed from a bookcase, red waves that crashed on the floor and flowed out into the middle of the aisle, washing the books along in their tide like the bodies of drowned men. It settled into a bloody lake, barring Rohesia's path.

The horrific laugh rang again, louder and even more chilling. Something was rising from the crimson pool...


Count Siculus' eyes gleamed, transfixing Rohesia and locking her gaze to his. Blood-stained fangs flashed as they descended towards the apprentice's neck.


That word was the first one, the only one, her swimming mind could grasp. And she shrieked it like a banshee.

The vampire faltered for the barest instant.

Rohesia smashed him in the face with the spellbook.

He fell away, and she ran. Colored light flared around the apprentice. Unintelligible cacophonies crashed from shelf to shelf. The books were disgorging more enemies to slay her, spewing forth millennia of horrors. And now the black pyre was a savage inferno. Shadowy flames roared and crackled. But that only brought a grim smile to the apprentice's lips. She sensed fear, desperation in the grimoire and its enchantments.

Rohesia ducked beneath Carnus' blade. She swatted Prince Obyron aside, knocking the giggling fairy out of the air and sending him bouncing away across the floor. Her spiraling purple missiles caught Zuxala right between the demoness' breasts and exploded the fiend in a blue and violet cloud.

Ebon fire charred her soul when she stepped into its heart. But the amulet gleamed around her neck, its three eyes glaring strength on her behalf.

"No! No! No!" a million voices wailed.

Rohesia opened the book and intoned the spell.

The voices collapsed into a single scream as the portal opened. Black tentacles, the same hue as Bernice's flames, thrashed their way into the physical world. A grotesque molluscan body followed as the arcanophage came forth.

"Eat it!" Rohesia said. "Eat the damn thing!"

Glistening eyes blinked at her for a split-second. Its tentacles quivered. But the creature needed no urging. The moment it detected the grimoire's pungent aroma, the delicious scent of eldritch power, the arcanophage's appendages snatched at it. Bernice's book disappeared into its maw like an oyster.

Rohesia laughed. The pyre was extinguished. Its black fire was gone, and-

And the books were still crying out. Through their wordless screams, a sliver of intelligibility reached her mind from one of the nearby tomes.

"The store of man's knowledge will be destroyed by a woman's folly..."

After that the voice fell silent. For the arcanophage was still feasting.

Rohesia blurted out the words of the banishment spell, spat the frantic syllables in a single stream. But the molluscan shape remained before her horrified eyes -- tentacles grasping, maw masticating.

The apprentice tried to calm her voice. She spoke each word with careful precision as tome after tome disappeared. The arcanophage kept gobbling, defying her sorcery. Shelves and shelves of books vanished. Inscrutable prophecies fell silent for all time.


She threw herself into the magical monstrosity's path. Its undulating body knocked her spinning. Rohesia crashed against an empty bookcase, while the arcanophage thrashed its way out into the rest of the library.

The apprentice staggered after it, hurling spells. She snatched up a chair and bashed it on the creature's snail-like shell. But the arcanophage didn't even slow down. It simply devoured, silencing the voices that had almost driven her mad -- bringing a quietness far more terrible.

Even the mundane books weren't spared. The works of scholars and historians from time immemorial were consumed, perhaps flavored by the arcane after so many decades alongside the countless grimoires of Kazarach. Decades, centuries, millennia of knowledge became its repast.

And Rohesia could only scream.

Until she began to laugh, and her madness echoed amongst the empty shelves.


The present day...

"Be careful, you damn fool!" Armanth said. "Those books are priceless!"

The zombie looked at the mage and grunted. But when he shuffled off with his burden, bent almost double by the weight of the books in his arms, he was careful not to drop any more.

Armanth retrieved the tome that had fallen, glanced at its spine, and placed it back in one of the boxes. Then his smile returned. It would take more than a single zombie's clumsiness to ruin this day for him.

Kazarach was being reborn.

Zombies and apprentices milled around the bookcases (and given how unkempt some of the latter were, Armanth could barely discern them from the former), clutching tomes and parchments, filing volumes in accordance with his instructions.

He watched them for hours, witnessing his dream come to fruition. For a bibliophile, the sight of a well-stocked bookcase was euphoric. But this... It was incomparable, indescribable. Labyrinthine passages, lined with tomes, stretched in all directions. Long after the workers had retired to their sleeping quarters for the night, Armanth wandered among the stacks and drank in the intoxicating scent.

A grand collection had once been destroyed here, save for a single book now known by the name of the library itself -- the infamous Kazarach Grimoire. He winced at the thought of that abhorrent tragedy. Ever since he'd heard the story as a child, he'd yearned to undo it. To restore Kazarach to its former glory. And now...

Armanth's laughter echoed amongst the books.

But it died when a chill breeze flitted past him, stroking the back of his neck with icy fingers.

"Books..." The faint, almost imperceptible whisper rustled in his ears. "I love books..."


Rohesia stared into the vampire warlord's eyes, and saw her death written upon those cold, blood-laced orbs. Laughter bubbled in her throat. It was so tempting to let the madness carry her away...


After you heal your wounds, you may try again. Perhaps purchasing a few more pouch items would aid your chances of survival?

Additional Info

  • Normal - Health 500
  • Hard - Health 1100
  • Legendary - Health 7500, Max Damage 4000
  • Nightmare - Health 15000, Max Damage 4000
    • received 10k @ 30k defense; 12k @ 25k defense, 13k @ 11k defense
    • can be killed with 5 Gladius Larvalis Magnus Scrolls

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