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Cogs Epic General
Legion damage: 258

Duel power: 75
Attack: 105
Defense: 120
Race construct Construct
Role healer Healer
Source wisdom Wisdom
Mechanical Precision: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage based on your Perception; Increases Player's Perception by 100; +14 Perception for each Clockwork Golem and +20 Perception for each Artificer's Clockwork Golem in legion.

One of those parts must have contained a little extra magic. You put the last piece in place, and expected to be the proud owner of a simple clockwork golem -- as per the instructional parchment. Instead, he promptly jumped up, grabbed some tools, and began to make modifications to himself whilst you looked on in surprise. The first thing he did was fashion himself a mouth, so he could criticize your handiwork.
Obtained By:

Crafting together the following clockwork parts:

Additional Info:

See also Cogs II

Part of Clockwork Set


  • Cogs is a part of one recipe.

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