Classes determine the recovery rate of your energy and stamina, at certain levels you will be prompted to choose one of up to three classes; the first focuses on stamina, the second on energy and the third is balanced between the two. At level 1000 and beyond there is only one class to choose from.

Level 6



Battlemaster Wanderer Adventurer
Energy 2:00
Stamina 1:40
Energy 1:40
Stamina 2:00
Energy 1:50
Stamina 1:50
Battlemasters recover their stamina more quickly, so they plunge into battle more often. But they regain energy more slowly. Wanderers recover their energy faster, and can thus complete quests more swiftly. however, they regain stamina more slowly. Or you may choose to continue on the middle road of the adventurer, regaining both energy and stamina at a moderate rate.

Level 100



Warlord World-Strider Champion
Energy 1:50
Stamina 1:30
Energy 1:30
Stamina 1:50
Energy 1:40
Stamina 1:40
Warlords love to throw themselves into battles, or else lead their legions against fearsome monsters. Their Stamina recharges quickly but their Energy regenerates slowly. World-Striders are explorers, whose quickly recharging Energy reserves allow them to travel further on their quests. But their Stamina recharges more slowly. Champions prefer to divide their adventures between quests and monster-hunting. They regenerate both Stamina and Energy at a moderate rate.

Level 500



Warmaster Realm-Walker Hero
Energy 1:40
Stamina 1:20
Energy 1:20
Stamina 1:40
Energy 1:30
Stamina 1:30
Warmasters live for battle. Their lives are filled with duels, the clashing of armies, or the death screams of monsters. Their Stamina replenishes quickly, allowing them to throw themselves back into combat. But their Energy recovers more slowly. Realm-Walkers may walk dozens of miles in a single day, crossing kingdoms and continents, perhaps even the planes themselves, while others tire and fall by the wayside. Their Energy regeneration is phenomenal, though they recover Stamina more slowly. Heroes go wherever they are needed most, and take on any challenges for the good of the land. Sometimes they might throw themselves into noble quests, at other times they may duel their rivals or slay monsters. they forsake the large bonuses of the other classes, preferring to recover both energy and stamina at a moderate rate.

Level 1000

Energy 1:15
Stamina 1:15
After countless quests, battles, and slain monsters, a Luminary truly knows what it means to be an adventurer.

Luminaries' Energy and Stamina both recover at an exceptional rate, allowing them to perform a lifetime's worth of daring deeds each day.

Level 2500

Energy 0:45
Stamina 0:45
Only the greatest of heroes can be deemed an Immortal - one whose name and deeds will live forever. You are now among that select few, and have been awarded a special magic[1] and familiar for your remarkable achievement.
You get 500Planet Coin when you get to level 2500[2]

Level 5000

Immortal Drake Slayer
Immortal Drake Slayer
Energy 0:45
Stamina 0:45
Congratulations to Dawn of the Dragons very first Immortal Drake Slayer, Zoe. Today Zoe successfully reached level 5,000. This was no small undertaking as Zoe gained this new class in less than a year! Congrats Zoe!

What Zoe Earned: Class Name: Immortal Drake-Slayer Given: 1,000 Planet Coins, a brand new familiar and a new magic [3]named after Zoe[4][5]

Level 10000

Energy 0:40
Stamina 0:40
Honor 0:40
Congratulations to Dawn of the Dragons very first Demigod, Jeremy. This was no small undertaking as the web platform is older than the mobile platform yet Jeremy still won out. Congratulations Jeremy!

What Jeremy Earned: Class Name: Demigod Given: 2,500 Planet Coins, a brand new familiar and a new magic

Level 20000

Celestial class
Energy 0:35
Stamina 0:35
Honor 0:35
Tor'gyyl's rivers run through your veins. The heart of the earth thuds within your chest. The world is as much a part of you as you are of it. A divine presence in a war torn future.

Awards 2500Planet Coin, Hallowed Drake and the server's magic (Divine Intervention for Solus)

Change Class

You can change your class at the bazaar for 20Planet Coin.


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