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Chevalier's Jambeaux Epic Boots
Raid damage: 418

Duel power: 63
Attack: 76
Defense: 114
Perception: 50
Increases Stamina by 9

Boots chevalier
Avian imagery is very common on the armor and flags of chevaliers. This harks back to an ancient tale about a battle involving their first order. Rhynhart had been invaded, and those warriors were all that lay between the enemy army and the region's largest city. During the fighting, a large group of bowmen appeared to support the invaders, and let their shafts fly. The volley was supposed to decimate the chevaliers before they could break into a charge and engage the archers. But a huge flock of birds descended from the sky, and intercepted the shafts with their bodies.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions

Part of Chevalier's Set

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