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Champion Crupellarius' Lorica Epic Chest
Raid damage: 1760

Duel power: 387
Attack: 330
Defense: 440
Glory at the Games: Chance for bonus damage; Increases Honor by 15; PvP Bonus: +130 power, +50 deflect

Varki's heart-eating stunt won over the crowds, and after each of her fights they clamored for her to do the same again. She didn't disappoint them. And following an especially glorious melee, which left her standing alone on the sand, surrounded by corpses, she celebrated her triumph by throwing hearts to the audience. Those lucky few spent the rest of their lives bragging that they'd shared in Varki's famous victory feast.
Obtained By:

Craft together items from guild raids:

Part of Champion Crupellarius' Set


  • Champion Crupellarius' Lorica is a part of one recipe.

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