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Champion Crupellarius' Legplates Epic Pants
Raid damage: 1760

Duel power: 387
Attack: 330
Defense: 440
Glory at the Games: Chance for bonus damage; Increases Honor by 15; PvP Bonus: +130 power, +50 deflect

Pants champion crupellarius
Hardrada the Handless and Shankless refused to retire from gladiatorial combat. If he could fight without hands, he was certain he could fight without his lower legs. He visited a blacksmith and demanded magic blades -- strong enough to bear his weight, and sharp enough to slice flesh and bone. The bemused smith did as bidden. And in his next fight, Hardrada awed the crowd by darting and leaping atop his new bladed legs and slicing his opponent to pieces.
Obtained By:

Craft together items from guild raids:

Part of Champion Crupellarius' Set


  • Champion Crupellarius' Legplates is a part of one recipe.

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