Centurion marius


Centurion Marius is the fourth boss encounter for Crypt of Caracalla (Area: Centurions). As with all bosses, Centurion Marius can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence centurion marius Centurion Marius Essence Used to summon Centurion Marius (Raid) Centurion Marius quest boss
Head centurion marius Centurion Marius' Head Used to craft Bracae Carae Centurion Marius quest boss
Crypt of caracalla chest Chest of Caracalla Open to receive a lost treasure Ancient Skeleton (Mini Boss), Krugnug, Riddler Gargoyle, Leonine Watcher, Centurion Marius, Caracalla quest bosses
  • Emblems of Caracalla


Enter Battle



The two skeletal warriors greet each other with such calm resignation in their voices that you aren't sure if they're allies or enemies. Not until the one your guide addressed as Marius adopts a battle stance and raises his macabre shield -- its ebon face engraved with bones and skulls. The two soldiers who flank him lift identical bulwarks, forming a barrier across the doorway behind them.

"You're consorting with barbarians now," Marius says.

"Better than necromancers and traitors," Gaius replies. There's a moment's pause before he continues. "Where's the eagle?"

It should be impossible for a fleshless face to wince. Yet when Marius' helmeted skull twitches, that's what it reminds you of.

"I don't know. When we awoke this time, it was gone."

As skeletal faces can't wince, lungless ribcages can't yield sighs. But both warriors seem to exhale their dejection.

"Then let us fight.Thirteenth."

"Thirteenth," Marius repeats.


You grab the edge of the warrior's black shield and yank it aside, pitting living muscle against necromantic bone. Muscle triumphs. The skeletal soldier stumbles as you pull him off-balance. You step to his right side, beyond the reach of the blade in his left hand, and thrust.

Steel pierces the ancient cuirass and shatters the ribs and spine beneath. Light leaves the skeleton's eyes. Bones, armor, and arms clatter on the floor.

Ariala's enemy fares no better. Her mace, elegant but weighty, is a good weapon for pulverizing bone. The final smashing whacks put another undead warrior beyond the power of undeath.

Only Gaius and Marius remain, clashing in the middle of the room -- your guide with his sword and shield, Marius with a blade in each hand, spear and bulwark around his feet.

Ariala looks to you. But you shake your head. It isn't for you to meddle in their duel. You doubt Gaius would relish you aid, or repay it with anything but enmity.

So you watch, as ancient blades strive in ancient hand.

When Gaius falters, shifting backwards beneath the twin-bladed assault, Marius' eyes flash. He redoubles the attack, swings his weapons with even greater fury, batters his rival. Gaius falls back, huddled behind his shield, his defenses shaking before the furious onslaught as though about to crumble.

Marius throws his skeletal frame into a mighty strike, one that should lay waste to Gaius' bastion and leave him strewn on the floor along with the other casualties of the undead battle.

That's when Gaius slips aside -- a sudden burst of agility that seems incongruous in its emergence from his flustered, beset retreat of a moment prior. Marius falls into his attack, committed to its momentum without anyone there to receive it, and stumbles forward.

Gaius drives his sword under the nape of his tottering enemy's helmet. A skeletal neck crunches beneath its point.

Your guide stands amid the distributed bones and blades. His eyes are dim, their soft glowing lights expanding and contracting.

"We've fought many battles," he says. "Once we tried to count how many, but neither of us knew. Sometimes I am vanquished. But when I triumph, I seek out Caracalla..."



Additional Info

  • Normal - 4500 HP, Max Damage ≥ 2315

             7k att, 1.5k def: 3 rounds : 1) dealt 1.7k, received 750 dam, 2) deal 1.7k received 850 dam  3) won

  • Hard - 5400 HP, Max Damage 4000 (dealt 2731 dam, received 1 dam att=13223 def=12454)
  • Legendary - 6750 HP, Max Damage 4000 (>17000 att)
  • Nightmare - 9000 HP, Max Damage 4000 (>17000 att)

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