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Centurion marius


Centurion Marius is the fourth boss encounter for Crypt of Caracalla (Area: Centurions). As with all bosses, Centurion Marius can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence centurion marius Centurion Marius Essence Used to summon Centurion Marius (Raid) Centurion Marius quest boss
Head centurion marius Centurion Marius's Head Used to craft Bracae Carae Centurion Marius quest boss
Crypt of caracalla chest Chest of Caracalla Open to receive a lost treasure Ancient Skeleton (Mini Boss), Krugnug, Riddler Gargoyle, Leonine Watcher, Centurion Marius, Caracalla quest bosses
  • Emblems of Caracalla


Enter BattleEdit



Additional InfoEdit

  • Normal - 4500 HP, Max Damage ≥ 2315

             7k att, 1.5k def: 3 rounds : 1) dealt 1.7k, received 750 dam, 2) deal 1.7k received 850 dam  3) won

  • Hard - 5400 HP, Max Damage 4000 (dealt 2731 dam, received 1 dam att=13223 def=12454)
  • Legendary - 6750 HP, Max Damage 4000 (>17000 att)
  • Nightmare - 9000 HP, Max Damage 4000 (>17000 att)
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