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Quest Random Encounter Mini Bosses - encountered so far..

Please add the additional mini bosses you encounter to this page and flag pages as Category:Mini Bosses, leave feedback/questions on the Talk page.

Pretty sure the encounters scale in health but not the max damage you can deal to them.

To Do
Notice to do
  1. Add links to each of the quest area pages with their mini bosses
    example - *West Fallows' mini boss is Frogman.

Mini Bosses scale in health: Taking normal as 1x Health, Hard has 1.4x, Legendary has 2x, Nightmare has 3.6x.

When adding a new Mini Boss, use the MiniBoss Template - it displays the info and autocategorizes the page (instructions appear on the template page).


Z1 - Burden's RestEdit

A1. Fields - Kobold Raider
A2. Town Square - Beastman Raider
A3. The Keep - Beastman Marauder

Z2 - Faedark ValleyEdit

A1. Elven Caravan - Bandit Cutthroat
A2. Bloody Fingers' Camp - Bandit Thug
A3. Monster Cave - Lurking Spider

Z3 - FallowsEdit

A1. Rubicar River - Briareus' Beastman
A2. West Fallows - Frogman
A3. East Fallows - Storming Beastman
A4. Dragon's Camp - Erebus' Beastman

Z4 - RyndorEdit

A1. Foothills - Bloodmane's Beastman
A2. The Tomb - Stalking Hellhound
A3. Forbidden Forest - Demon Ambusher
A4. Plains - Infernal Ambusher
A5. Camlann Hill - Demon Knight

Z4a - Scrolls of DahrizonEdit

A1. Moor & Mort - Undead Warrior
A2. Thief's Work - Inscribed Golem
A3. Traps & Tribulations - Animated Armor
A4. Rissa's Way - Marble Simulacrum
• Note (4a) color of boss changes based on difficulty, and affects the health and damage

Z5 - VornstaagEdit

A1. The Black Carriage - Zombie
A2. Cemetery - Graveyard Zombie
A3. Vornstaag Dungeons - Dungeon Zombie
A4. Castle Vornstaag - Beastman Ravager
A5. Dragon Graveyard - Necromancers' Beastman
• Event: October 2013 - Nightmare (All areas) - Ghostly Alchemist

Z5a - WhispersEdit

Whispers - Insane Whispers

Z5b - The Last TitanEdit

A1. Child of the Tundra - Nord Scavenger
A2. Beyond the Eyes of Gods - Basileus Lizard
A3. Anyone Who's Listening - Nord Scavenger
A4. Of Gods and Titans - Nord Scavenger

Z6 - BludheimEdit

A1. Malovar River - Frost Wyrm Raider
A2. The Frozen River - Frost Wyrm Warrior
A3. Terracles' Meander - Snow Beastman Warrior
A4. Hralborg - Snow Beastman Ambusher
A5. Frost Wyrm Camp - Frost Wyrm Huscarl
Legendary+ (All areas) - Snow Beastman Pack

Z6a - A Tale of Two SwordsEdit

Into the Dungeon - Sword Hunter

Z7 - Subterranean DepthsEdit

A1. Oroc Death Chamber - Oroc Wrecker
A2. Rockrage Caverns - Oroc Shaman
A3. Gorehand Tunnels - Goblin Ambusher
A4. Mad Mage's Sanctum - Funny Bones
A5. Dragon's Lair - Furious Kobold

Z8 - Together in Eclectic DreamsEdit

A1. Dreams of the Dragon-Rider
Q1. Killing Fields - Turnip
Q2. Better Part of Valor - Murderous Kobold
Q3. Strangers in a Strange Land - Despair
Q4. Awakening - Doomed Kobold
A2. Lucian's Lessons
Q1. Construe! - Translation
Q2. Not Playing the Game - Form Master Gulch
Q3. The Scholar, In the Library, With a Candlestick - Research
Q4. Oral Examination - Oral Exam[1]
A3. Marcus' Case
Q1. Thief-Taker - Thug
Q2. The Body - Thug
Q3. Clothes Maketh the Murderer - Thug
Q4. Beast in Velvet - Interrogation
A4. Medea's Song - Student Bard
A5. Reality - Mardachus' Beastman

Z9 - The Dragons' ClawEdit

A1. The Watcher's Eyes - Mesyra's Beastman
A2. The Cyan Hunter - Acid Attack
A3. Mirror, Mirror, in the Sky - Silver Whelp
A4. Falls the Shadow - Shadow-Mistress
A5. All that Glitters - Valanazes' Wrath

Z9.5 - Peril of the Pumpkin PatchEdit

Q1. Baited with Honey - Bandit
Q2. Among the Pumpkins - Flight
Q3. The Hunsburg Horror - Investigating
Q4. The Mystery of Jack - Searching
Q5. Questioning the Locals - Questioning
Q6. Apocolocyntosis - Meeting
• Event: October 2013 - Nightmare - Ghostly Alchemist

Z9.6 - Tales from the Pumpkin PatchEdit

Pumpkin Night Specters

==9.8 - Pumpkin Nightmares

Bump in the Night

Z10 - Crypt of CaracallaEdit

A1. The Battle for the Crypt - Beastman Raider
A2. The Bard, the Thief, and the Shaman - Treasure Golem
A3. Swords, Sorcery, and Scholarship - Imperial Caster
A4. Centurions - Ancient Skeleton
A5. Praefectus Mortuorum - Ancient Skeleton

Z11 - My Name Is...Edit

Q1. Gore - Wolf-Man Raider
Q2. The Dragon-Rider's Warriors - Lion-Man Raider
Q3. Borrowed Plumes - Goat-Man Ambusher
Q4. The Man at the Inn - Bull-Man Ambusher

Z12 - Far From HomeEdit

Purple Orc
Undead Qwil

Z13 - Under the HoodEdit

Beastman Destroyer

Z14 - Fog of WarEdit

A1. Bronze - Raging Beastman
A2. Blue - Purple Warrior
A3. Red - Beastman Champion
A4. Gold - Qwiladrian Zombie
Kobold Looter - All areas on Nightmare

Z15 - All Roads LeadEdit

A1. The Battle of Dracoshire 1 - Frog-Man Raider
A2. The Battle of Dracoshire 2 - Korxun's Warrior
A3. The Battle of Dracoshire 3 - Storming Beastman
A4. The Battle of Dracoshire 4 - Goat-Man Brawler
A5. The Battle of Dracoshire 5 - Xerkara's Whelps

Z15a - Crimson ShadowsEdit

Crimson Carnage

Z16 - UnchartedEdit

A1. Homestead - Scrying Pool
A2. Road Less Traveled By - ?
A3. Stranger In A Strange Land - ?
A4. Bloodright - Kasan House Guard

Z17 - ThresholdsEdit

A1. First Impressions - Crowds
A2. Dust and Damp - Trap
A3. Drowned - Sentry Machine
A4. What Came Before - Krelpkin


  • Pillagers - Anywhere on Nightmare
    ↪ Nightmare Queen quest event: September 4th - October 2nd 2015
  • Swarm - Anywhere on Nightmare
    ↪ Swarm quest event: March 4th - April 1st 2016

  1. Mardachus' Beastman has also been encountered but that might have been a bug


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