Caracalla is the last boss encounter for Crypt of Caracalla (Area: Praefectus Mortuorum). As with all bosses, Caracalla can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence caracalla Caracalla Essence Used to summon Caracalla (Raid) Caracalla quest boss
Head caracalla Caracalla's Head Used to craft Bracae Carae Caracalla quest boss
Crypt of caracalla chest Chest of Caracalla Open to receive a lost treasure Ancient Skeleton (Mini Boss), Krugnug, Riddler Gargoyle, Leonine Watcher, Centurion Marius, Caracalla quest bosses
Legion 1 Dungeon Plunderers Nightmare Caracalla quest boss
Emblem of caracalla brown Brown Emblem of Caracalla Craft x4 Stat Points Crypt of Caracalla quests and help requests
Emblem of caracalla grey Grey Emblem of Caracalla Craft x4 Stat Points Crypt of Caracalla quests and help requests
Emblem of caracalla green Green Emblem of Caracalla Craft x4 Stat Points Crypt of Caracalla quests and help requests
Emblem of caracalla blue Blue Emblem of Caracalla Craft x4 Stat Points Crypt of Caracalla quests and help requests
Emblem of caracalla purple Purple Emblem of Caracalla Craft x4 Stat Points Crypt of Caracalla quests and help requests
Emblem of caracalla orange Orange Emblem of Caracalla Craft x4 Stat Points Crypt of Caracalla quests and help requests


Enter Battle

"Then we're agreed?" you ask.

"We're here now," Roland says. "Even if we've killed all the beastmen, what's the good of walking away and leaving those treasures lying there?"

"It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to recover relics from the Iulian Empire," Lucian says. "Quite literally! This crypt only opens every two centuries or so."

"Those artifacts could help us against the dragons," Medea says. Her harp trills a note of discord when she utters the final word.

"And I bet they're worth a sodding fortune! Anyway, that tosser's coves tried to do us in. We owe him a good kicking."

"Dao, Ariala..." you begin.

"We'll go with you," the Starmancer says. "I'll take nothing. After we leave, I want to forget about this place and its artifacts. But if you want them... So be it."

You look to the skeletal warrior. If he's going to be an obstacle, better to find out now...

"Gaius, the relics in the treasure room..."

"Take them for all I care. In here they're no good to my people anyway. But swear you'll never use any of them against the Iulian Empire."

You look at the others. Those who understood his words simply shrug.

"Agreed," you say. It will be an easy promise to keep...

And so it's settled. You'll continue to Caracalla's chamber.


For Gaius it's almost a tradition, a ritual repeated through the long years whose weight he feels in each of his bones without knowing their number. Whenever he triumphs, when his warriors defeat Marius and the traitors, he comes here to the circular chamber with its fluted columns, ornate stonework, and piles of forgotten treasures. He comes and he confronts the prefect.

Sometimes he arrives alone, the one remnant of the 13th Legion in that cycle of battering shields, thrusting blades, and smashed skeletons. He battles Caracalla with only his strength and will, to see which of them the gods favor that day. At other times, when he and his men have found fortune on their side, he marches there with a band of legionaries -- and they cleave the necromancer limb from limb. Temporary victories and defeats, an endless and inscrutable cycle.

But however the centurion arrives there, and whatever transpires in the ensuing battle, Caracalla is always the same. Surrounded by dancing blue lights, his arms aloft. Robe and hair swayed by imperceptible breezes. And chanting. Always chanting, as though his scheme might yet come to fruition.

Yes.... He's witnessed it all many times before. Yet never with outsiders at his back...


The robed man must be aware of your arrival. Nine sets of footfalls along the stone passage should have warned him. But if he's perturbed at the intrusion, he gives no sign. He merely stands there, surrounded by ethereal lights, not even deigning to turn around and regard you.

"Greetings, Gaius," Caracalla says. "So you and your men defeated Marius this time."

"Yes," the skeletal warrior replies.


At last he turns, revealing gaunt, desiccated features that are grey-blue in the eldritch light. He seems taken aback at the sight of living warriors standing alongside Gaius in lieu of skeletons.

"Who are you?" he demands.

"My name is [player name] and we've come for these relics. From what I've heard, they don't even belong to you anyway."

Caracalla's eyes blaze.


"Necate eos!" the necromancer cries. More of his conjured minions coalesce, the spinning maelstro of azure and cyan energy collapsing into the shape of skeletal warriors and their phantasmal weapons. "Necate eos!"

Ariala's spell must be wearing off. The words remain in their native language instead of the common tongue. But you have a fair idea of what they mean...

You grab a skeleton's sword arm. It's solid in your grasp, though it feels as if a thousand tiny insects are crawling across your hand. You drag the limb aside and swing your blade through its neck. That too is solid. Bone cracks beneath your might. But then spinning skull and headless body both disintegrate, parting into azure clouds to join the tempest billowing wherever the necromancer's minions meet your friend's weapons.

A bolt of fire flies at Caracalla, sizzling the air, its burning tail streaming in its wake. It bursts against his undead form with an almost leonine roar, shrouding him in hungry flames. He collapses, disappearing from sight behind the glowing skeletal bodies.

"Ha! I got him!" Elyssa laughs, and celebrates by ramming a fiery fist through the nearest blue skull. !I... Oh." A brilliant, blinding mound of blue-white energy rises up in an immense bulging bubble. You close your eyes. The explosion paints itself across the inside of your eyelids. When you open them Caracalla stands there bare-chested, clad in the ruins of his garb. Channels of glowing tendrils run between his gaunt muscles, veins and arteries of pulsing sorcerous force. More of that eldritch matter streams from his eyeballs like long, burning tears. His white hair thrashes around his head in a deranged mane.

"Ave imperator!" he shrieks. "Ave Vitelli!"

A blue blast whooshes towards you. It blazes past your cheek as you dodge, and brings a deep, icy chill to your flesh. He hurls another, which smashes through one of his own skeletons on its way to Rissa -- who springs straight upwards and soars above the explosion. The necromancer fires a third at the other side of the chamber, and a fourth elsewhere, flinging them with manic impartiality. One rages against Ariala's purple burrier. The other strikes the stone floor and launches a nearby heap of gold coins into the air.


A blade bursts through his chest, its metal daubed in luminous cyan.

Perhaps there's a lingering trace of the Starmancer's magic in your mind. For when the head with the ruined transverse crest appears next to Caracalla's, and the skeletal jaw opens, you fancy, you can hear a word roared amid the crashing, groaning sounds of unbridled arcane power:



"What will you do now?" you ask.

The glowing spheres within Gaius' sockets hold your gaze for a long moment.

"I should sleep and wait, for when the prefect returns." he says. The words flow into your mind, rendered in the common tongue by Ariala's renewed spell. "But first I must find the eagle."

All around you, your companions are rifling through the chamber's treasures. Roland's looking into the eyes of a heavy iron helmet, and bobbing it in his grasp as though testing its weight. Medea and Elyssa are poring over a collection of strange objects that they claim are of ancient elven origin. Lucian has a scroll open in front of him, and is squinting at the inked characters hat sprawl across its length and breadth. And Rissa... You sigh as she slips a gold coin into her pouch.

"It might not even be in the crypt anymore," you say. "If it was taken..."

"Then I shall wander the empire until i find it."


The sound of pounding footsteps draws your attention and rescues you from the dilemma. A faint smile crosses your lips. Ariala and Dao went to fetch aid -- sacks to fill with loot, and brawny comrades to help carry them out of the crypt. It seems as though some of the latter are eager to feast their eyes on the artifacts.

But when the running stops, the shaman and Starmancer appear in the archway alone. Her eyes and his face are grave.


The eight of you sprint down the stone corridor. All thoughts of relics, artifacts, and treasure, of ancient doings and unliving enemies, are banished from your minds.

You race into the small chamber with the three branching passages, where you were forced to split up, and dash across to the single opening on the opposite side. The shadowy gloom which fills its depths tells the same tale your companions did.

A churning, gnawing sensation fills your guts, as though they're being mangled and devoured from within.

You come to a halt, and gaze at the dread sight.

A huge grinning skull -- carved from ebon stone. It adorns a sealed doorway.


Perhaps you'll lead this fight from the rear. Far, far to the rear...

Additional Info

  • Normal - 5000 HP, Max Damage = 4000
  • Hard - 6000 HP, Max Damage = 4000
  • Legendary - 7500 HP, Max Damage = 4000
  • Nightmare - 10000 HP, Max Damage = 4000
    • hits for 1-3 damage at 18451 Defense
    • hits for 141-240 damage at 16266 Defense

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