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Camel of the Desert Wanderer Epic Mount
Raid damage: 15960

Duel power: 2394
Attack: 2926
Defense: 4256
Dune Treader: 15% chance to deal 300% damage; Extra 25% damage for each piece of Desert Wanderer set worn; Extra 750% damage against Elite raids

Desert wanderer mount
IX. The priests quaked in terror when Alhazred rode into their city, and demanded that they face him in the public square. They hid away inside their temples, and barred the gates against him. But it was to no avail. For Alhazred summoned the djinn, and those creatures swept through the streets — flitting into each building through the tiniest gaps. When they departed, only the virtuous of the city's clerics were left alive.
Obtained By:

Lord Rathanas (Raid)

Part of Desert Wanderer Set


  • Camel of the Desert Wanderer is a part of one recipe.

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