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Brough's Trinket 1 Epic Crafting Component

Used as an ingredient to craft Trickster's First Gift
Broughs trinket1
Oi oyt niqhl ie oytbm gqnba oyt jpbm gpmaytl iutm oyt fphl, paaigjphbtl sx oyt vpbf ie oytbm hihqjft sphl. Iutm ybff, iutm lpft, oymiqry eimtno phl aput, tuth oyt lmtpl stpno'n nopmt lbl oytx smput.
Obtained By:

Legion - March III
General - Medea or Medea2
General - Olaf the Metal-Faced Bard
Troop - Piper (x9)
Raid - Deathglare (Guild Raid) (any difficulty)


  • Brough's Trinket 1 is a part of one recipe.

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      Just put them on and attack the correct raid until you get a message obtained: Brough's Trinket # the item is given as a drop not as loot
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