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Brathrur the Manticore Slayer Epic General
Legion damage: 528

Duel power: 147
Attack: 220
Defense: 220
Race human Human
Role tank Tank
Source strength Strength
Brathrur's Barbs: Huge base damage increase against N'rlux (Equal to a 5000 boost to Attack)

"A good hunt and a good kill! Hah! You still have blood on your face, %name%! Here, wipe it off on my cloak. I cut this hide from the first manticore I ever killed, and it's stained with the blood of every one of its kin that's tasted my blade since." -- Brathrur the Manticore Slayer
Obtained By:

Epic Guild Raid loot:


  • Brathrur the Manticore Slayer is a part of one recipe.

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