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Bracae Carae Legendary Pants
Raid damage: 1450

Duel power: 343
Attack: 290
Defense: 290
Perception: 150
Increases Energy by 110; PvP Bonus: +150 power; +30 deflect

Pants bracae carae
A victorious Iulian general decided to both celebrate his triumph and crush the spirits of the vanquished by imposing crippling taxes, then turning that extorted wealth into a pair of fabulously expensive trousers. He donned the lavish garment and paraded through the streets of conquered settlements, allowing all and sundry to gaze upon the power and majesty of the Iulian Empire. When his body was found in his tent a few days later, marred by many gaping wounds, he was naked from the waist down.
Obtained By:



  • Bracae Carae is a part of one recipe.
Bracae Carae Misc/Legends Stats/Legends
Head krugnug
Head tomb gargoyle
Head leonine watcher
Head centurion marius
Head caracalla
Pants bracae carae

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