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Bounty Hunter's Sky-Hunter Epic Mount
Raid damage: 1740

Duel power: 260
Attack: 380
Defense: 220
Hunter of the Sky: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Bounty Hunter item equipped; PvP Bonus: +60 power

Bounty hunter mount
9. The oroc roared like a demon as he came -- striding among traps, sharper of eye and more careful than his fallen minions. He laughed when he drew near Caleb, however, and saw the last two. These ones had long, sharp crystals in their maws. Capable of piercing most things, but designed especially for orocs. He stepped between them, brandishing his blade, wondering how the foolish bounty hunter thought he could match him in battle. Then he cried out and the sword fell from his hand. Something had bitten deep into each of his lower legs, piercing them to the bones. It was a simple glamor... An enchantment to make the traps appear away from where they actually were. Caleb stepped in to finish their work.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions
Citadel: Stables Level 4

Part of Bounty Hunter's Set

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