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Booma Epic General
Legion damage: 578

Duel power: 215
Attack: 200
Defense: 445
Race human Human
Role tank Tank
Source strength Strength
Slayer of Owls, Savior of Towns: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Rhalmarius the Despoiler


Booma af
April fools Version

"Among my people warriors carry the name of the first creature they slay. I wanted to be known as Manticore, so I hunted for that fierce beast by the light of the moon. I'm an excellent tracker, and the monster I sought had left a bloody trail from its last meal. It wasn't long before I came upon it. But when I swung my hammer, an owl flew in the way. Stupid bird." -- Booma
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Legendary/Nightmare Rhalmarius the Despoiler (Guild Raid)

Additional Info:

Can be boosted with Booma Boost


Named after a team member, Mohammed Al-Sahaf

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