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Bonecrusher Ring Finger Epic Ring
Raid damage: 12000

Duel power: 1200
Attack: 2800
Defense: 800
Throne of Skulls: 10% chance to deal 300% damage; Extra 450% damage if Pitmaster Angosh is owned; Extra 750% damage against Colosseum raids

Bonecrusher ring
Some gladiators take to wearing dismembered pieces of an opponent in the hopes that they can make themselves appear more gruesome against a worthy foe. This does present the unpleasant issue of needing replacement "scraps" from time to time.
Obtained By:


Part of Bonecrusher Set


  • Bonecrusher Ring Finger is a part of one recipe.
Bonecrusher Ring Finger Events/World Raid
Collection splintered bones 1 brown
Collection splintered bones 2 grey
Collection splintered bones 3 green
Collection splintered bones 4 blue
Collection splintered bones 5 purple
Collection splintered bones 6 orange
Bonecrusher ring

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