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Bohemond's Steed Mount
Raid damage: 1465

Duel power: 160
Attack: 328
Defense: 153
Bohemond's Companion: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Demons

Bohemonds steed
"Sar Bellany, my splendid predecessor, saved a herd of unicorns from dark mages who would have used their horns in a nefarious summoning ritual. Since that time the creatures have served as mounts for the order's orange knight. I confess that I once thought riding such an animal was unmanly, but my first unicorn's intelligence, bravery, and loyalty soon proved me a fool." -- Sir Guy the Orange
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 1/27/12 until 2/10/12 for 30 Planet Coins
Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 04/13/2012, 06/22/2012, 07/05/13

Additional Info:

The image is that of a Unicorn Prince with orange armor.

Part of Bohemond's Set

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