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Bloody Crupellarius' Lorica Rare Chest
Raid damage: 1260

Duel power: 265
Attack: 230
Defense: 340
Blood and Sand: Chance for bonus damage; Increases Honor by 6; PvP Bonus: +75 power, +25 deflect

Gladiatorial combat isn't just about violence, it's about showmanship. Surviving is all well and good, especially when the alternative is a gruesome death, but a professional gladiator with aspirations of fame and fortune needs to win over the crowd. A young orc managed to do this by cutting her enemy's chest open and eating his heart.
Obtained By:

Craft together items from guild raids:

Part of Bloody Crupellarius' Set


  • Bloody Crupellarius' Lorica is a part of 2 recipes.

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