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The Bloodwyn Family is a noble family in West Kruna.

Family MembersEdit

Mayor Aurelius BloodwynEdit

Mayor Aurelius Bloodwyn is the mayor of Fallows during the events of DotD.[1][2]
He is the father of Verus Bloodwyn.
Marcus dreams of killing him during Marcus' Case[3] for murdering a woman[4].

Claudia BloodwynEdit

Claudia Bloodwyn is the youngest daughter of the Bloodwyn Family, she turned to vampirism[5] because "a single human lifetime would never grant her enough time to excel at every field."[6]

Verus BloodwynEdit

Verus Bloodwyn is the corrupt predecessor of Marcus as Guard Captain of Fallows.[7]
Marcus claims he's "Not as bad a man as his father."[8]
After almost getting killed by a thug, he decided to leave the guard and take up politics in Dracoshire.

Caleb Darcus BloodwynEdit

Caleb is a bounty hunter.[9]
When his uncle murdered a maidservant, Caleb dragged him before the local authorities and got him hanged. As a result Caleb was disinherited.[10]

Vanessa Celwer BloodwynEdit

Gerhalt BloodwynEdit

His wife employed Shandra the Poltergeist at his mansion.

Nemler BloodwynEdit

A kinsman of Mayor Aurelius Bloodwyn[11]

Linus BloodwynEdit

A mage, reference to Linus from the long-running comic strip "Peanuts".[12]

Tarquin Celwer BloodwynEdit

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