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The Bloodwyn Family is a noble family in West Kruna.

Family MembersEdit

Lord Tertullian BloodwynEdit

Cornelius Darcus BloodwynEdit

Married to Edna Darcus Bloodwyn for 26 years then cheated on her with Amata.

Edna Darcus BloodwynEdit

Married to Cornelius Darcus Bloodwyn for 26 years then he cheated on her with Amata.

Father Aecasius Bloodwyn Edit

An unknown healer.
Possible father of Vanessa, Claudia and Tarquin.

Mayor Aurelius BloodwynEdit

Mayor Aurelius Bloodwyn is the mayor of Fallows during the events of DotD.[1][2]
He is the father of Verus Bloodwyn.
Marcus dreams of killing him during Marcus' Case[3] for murdering a woman[4].

Claudia BloodwynEdit

Claudia Bloodwyn is the youngest daughter of the Bloodwyn Family, she turned to vampirism[5] because "a single human lifetime would never grant her enough time to excel at every field."[6]

Verus BloodwynEdit

Verus Bloodwyn is the corrupt predecessor of Marcus as Guard Captain of Fallows.[7]
Marcus claims he's "Not as bad a man as his father."[8]
After almost getting killed by a thug, he decided to leave the guard and take up politics in Dracoshire.

Caleb Darcus BloodwynEdit

Caleb is a bounty hunter.[9]
When his uncle murdered a maidservant, Caleb dragged him before the local authorities and got him hanged. As a result Caleb was disinherited.[10]

Vanessa Celwer BloodwynEdit

Gerhalt BloodwynEdit

His wife employed Shandra the Poltergeist at his mansion.

Nemler BloodwynEdit

A kinsman of Mayor Aurelius Bloodwyn[11]

Linus BloodwynEdit

A mage, reference to Linus from the long-running comic strip "Peanuts".[12]

Tarquin Celwer BloodwynEdit

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