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Blood Mail Chausses Pants
Raid damage: 525

Duel power: 70
Attack: 105
Defense: 105
Perception: 30
Tell-Tale Trousers: Chance for bonus damage

Pants bloodmailchausses
"Her throat was cut, and her blood gushed forth onto the heated strips of steel. At first it was consumed, the hungry metal absorbing it like a vampire feeding upon a victim. but when the strips were shaped and cooled, and the fiery hues of their forging had departed, the chains were bright crimson. It was though the armor was an accusation, screaming to the world of the murder that had been part of its making." - Journeys of the Dark Smith
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 20 Planet Coins from 5/13/11 until 5/27/11

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