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  • Yyll

    Duplicate Categories

    August 9, 2014 by Yyll

    Not sure why, but some items are appearing twice on category lists, the prime example being Demons of the Deep gear.  I've checked other lists and other sets, everything seems identical...also checked to make sure there were not 2 slightly different pages for each piece (i.e. DEMON and DEMONS).  Slightly baffling, someone with more experience mind hinting as to what's wrong?


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  • Kowdink

    Pelari's Set

    February 11, 2014 by Kowdink

    Overall how good is this set?  I am debating buying coins to get this set... thoughts??

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  • Xolaces

    What does this button do?

    October 28, 2013 by Xolaces


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  • Pain 191

    Mobile Version Wikia

    October 5, 2013 by Pain 191

    This is a quick blog post about our current situation with the Mobile Version of Dawn of the Dragons on this Wikia. 

    Not all pages are directly accurate with the Mobile Version of Dawn of the Dragons. I myself don't play the Mobile Version because I prefer the computer version (Facebook, Kongregate, Newgrounds, and from the page itself) over the Mobile Version for personal reasons.

    So, not to sound greedy or anything, but we NEED people that know to make the right changes to the pages with a Mobile Version section below the computer versions.

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    Today I decided to start playing around with my user page.

    Waiting for the bars to fill enough to level up is a boring and unsatisfying passtime. Even following the world chat and the guild chat kills me now.

    But before I start to learn wikia's lingo I write down my questing results. My avatar is fighting all over the place. Searching for ingredients for (hopefully) very useful items to craft... Trying to get those items that I'm not drowning in, yet.

    I'm your rare item hunter and I'm off to the plains, the hills, the mountains, the castles, lairs and awkward swampy regions of West Kruna. I'll tell you about my further endeavors when I feel like it.

    PS.: I should maybe move at least the last paragraph to my user page. Keeping apart the user an…

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  • Blademage1

    Opitimal Share

    June 21, 2013 by Blademage1

    Is there a formula for optimal share? I know the one for how to get a Fair Share aka 1 epic, but whats the formula for the other?

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  • Vaxquis

    Note to self

    June 7, 2013 by Vaxquis

    Note to self: don't indulge in senseless convos in forums; while training the use of English is fun in itself, it does sh*t for my nerves.

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  • RedPenguin

    After many months of constant development the Debian project finally released new stable version 7.0 "Wheezy"!

    Debian is an operating system using the Linux kernel of the FreeBSD kernel. It is modern, stable and free.

    I use Debian over 2 years on my desktop PC and I'm very happy with it. I waited for new release for a long time and it is here now! :)

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  • RedPenguin

    For the data pages (item pages) "switch" construct is often used to get one of parameters.

    Item page:

    Solution using named template call is also not ideal. First method (with switches) is expensive on preprocessor nodes count. Second method is a little bit more expensive on template argument size and not at all expensive on preprocessor nodes count. So it is better for use in various tables. IMHO

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  • ZircSis

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  • Anakletos 92

    working on the speed lvl. please, if you have datas to share, share with me!

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  • FMF


    August 15, 2012 by FMF

    • all images reuploaded

    • Made Test1

    • Template:loc recieves zone/area/quest numbers and returns links in format Z1A2Q3
    • Template:loc2 - recieves zone/area numbers and returns names
      • Working on moving loc → loc/ref and
        loc2 → loc
    • created Template:Loc/path to display a full path (used on mini bosses pages)

    • added links to prev/next area to navbox - Template:Navbox2

    • Template:QuestBoss2 - questboss page header - an upgrade of SigmundFreud's Template:QuestBoss

    • added automatically displayed multiple images for male/female, v1/v2 variants.
    • option for one extra image

    • Created support for more types, multiple links
    • Created temporary debug categories for images

    • created an interactive map

    • Put tabber for male/female items @ template:ItemCard → 99% done, problem with width →…

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  • Vane Kattalakis Dhk

    Been working on converting pages to the Item Card template. Finished BOOTS and started working CHESTS.

    Wrote the new Category Boots page syntax with the help of Feathin. Writing Chests using the same technique.

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  • Vane Kattalakis Dhk

    Ok, you know how it is. You all have friends in the game. I realized a little while back AFTER I made some "cheat sheets" Basically printable raid tables for my Guildmates and friends that the Atk/Def was all wrong. That it didnt have a PER column either when they started showing up after the last patch. So I started editing my raid tables.. But the problem with that is, That only helps those who I send the updates too. I decided to go back and help edit the wiki. When I told a fellow officer in my guild that I was working on editing the wiki.. His response was You are doing WHAT!?! .. So.. anyway.. Here I am. Finished Ataxes and Celeano and a few others. Only thing is Im not really sure how to add data for the perception column yet…

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  • Jakk Frost

    So, I've been all but incommunicado for quite a while now, but with things going on irl here, I really do feel a bit like some undead monstrosity, so the new content (the Halloween stuff that is) seems entirely fitting. I still don't have much time to update things on the site, but I'll try and keep up a little better. Plus, to be honest, I really did get quite burned out on working on this wiki. Fortunately, as I said in the official forums, this is exactly the reason I started a wiki, so other people could contribute and help keep it running, and eventually take on a life of it's own so that it doesn't need me or the other admins to take care of every single detail. Lorak990, our newest admin, has picked up my slack, and for that I'm…

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  • Lorak990

    Another milestone down, nearly all of the item pages are done, just needing final obtain info, templates are starting to make a lot more sense now (added {cost} {pccost}, made a start on adding The Colosseum needs a table format but the info is there and picture place holders (updated as i climb the ranks), Crafting is a WIP and raids still need a fair ammount of info added but that will get there, probably over the next couple of weeks unless unless someone adds the info before me, and then onto quest stuff. - Lorak990 08:01, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Lorak990

    Taking a break for a little while, after a solid week of adding info am kinda burnt out, but hey a bulk of the pages are filled out with probably only minor edits needed, Lorak990 07:35, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Jakk Frost

    Big baby

    October 4, 2010 by Jakk Frost

    Thanks to the toothache I had, I guess you could say I slept like a baby... woke up crying and screaming every two hours. Unfortunately (depending on your point of view), I am a complete coward for going to the dentist. Fortunately, however, the tooth finally subsided and is back to normal. Unfortunately (again), my sleep schedule is decidedly not back to what passes for normal to me, and I've spent the last day or two exhausted, at least when a ninja-nap doesn't strike at me from the shadows. The problem with those is, they're not long enough to make me feel rested, and in fact I wake up feeling more disoriented than before. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to get a decent amount of sleep and get back to my version of normal, then I can resum…

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  • Jakk Frost

    Tooth pain now... go 'way, gidouddaheah, fuggoff...

    fushing feef...

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  • Jakk Frost

    So yeah, that "bouncing back and forth" thing I mentioned before happened again, and I've been trying to work more on the behind-the-curtains stuff again, realizing that if other people want to add information to the site, it's better if they have an established format or page to work with rather than a blank one. Spent the last couple of days working on raid loot tables, which Fandyllic then cleaned up for me, and he also finished off the item infobox, so I'm gonna get the item pages laid out asap.

    I'm digging the new look of the official forums, but a little bummed that we no longer match (for those of you using the wiki's default style instead of your own that is). This means more of a reason to get right down into it and edit the custom…

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  • Jakk Frost

    Soooooo not feeling too hot the last couple of days. Seems to be clearing up now, so hopefully I can get back to working on this soon.

    The tortoise may have won the race, but was anyone awake to see it?

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  • Jakk Frost

    So in trying to get this wiki working, I keep getting stalled by "The Big Picture".

    With a lack of templates to make page creation more uniform, I find myself bouncing back and forth between the small stuff (trying to get content on the pages), and the big stuff (trying to figure out overall layouts for the pages). The problem is, it would be much easier to add content if we had the templates, until we have them, the lack of content or even a format to follow means visitors and editors to the site don't have much to see or work with. Can you say "catch 22" boys and girls? Sure, I knew that you could.

    Thinking about these things tends to block me from getting any of it done, and seeing the "Big Picture" just tends to make it harder to focus o…

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  • Jakk Frost

    85 pages and counting

    September 10, 2010 by Jakk Frost

    Ok, so like the title says, 85 pages have been created so far, though I'm embarrassed to admit almost none of them have any content. But I've been a little more focused on just getting them created and properly cross-linked, not to mention setting up a forum and such, not to mention playing the game itself. (Funny how that takes precedence over working on this thing...). Not to mention not mentioning my overuse of "not to mention".

    At least I finally felt comfortable enough with the progress so far to post this wiki on the official DotD forums, though as yet I don't know if anyone's visited. One thing I wish wikia had was individual sign-ups at any given wiki. But then again, maybe they do and I just don't know enough about the mechanics o…

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  • Jakk Frost


    September 8, 2010 by Jakk Frost

    Well, I've just received permission from Felendis, one of the devs over at DotD, to continue with this wiki and use the available images. I'm continuing to lay down the basic framework of the wiki, but I hope to get a good bulk of that done so that when I post the wiki on the DotD forum, any interested users will be able to see where I'm trying to take this and roll with it, or come up with better ideas. I'm sure some of you have more experience than me using wikia, and might be able to clean up some of the things I've done that could be coded better.

    Here we go...

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  • Jakk Frost

    Ok, so I started this wiki yesterday, partly because I enjoy the game so much, and partly to learn how to use Wikia. Apart from editing a couple of pages on another wiki here, I basically had no fweakin' idea what I was doing. It took me ages just to figure out how to edit the sidebar and get nested menus. (Why is it that FAQ's and help sections never seem to quite cover the exact problem you're having?)

    Anyways, once I started getting a handle on that, I was able to start getting the basic framework laid out. Then came my /facepalm moment when I realized I'd forgotten to get copyright permissions from 5th Planet Games, so I'm currently waiting on that. If I'm given the green light, I'm hoping to start spreading the word soon and get some mor…

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