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Betrayer's Deserts Legendary Off Hand
Raid damage: 1280

Duel power: 327
Attack: 300
Defense: 80
Timeo Feminae et Dona Ferentes: Chance for bonus damage; PvP Bonus: +200 power, +100 damage

Off betrayers deserts
2. One should always be careful when consorting with those who would advocate and exalt betrayal. So the fallen duellist's husband was soon to learn. The woman he spurned his marriage oath for had gained what she had always desired. The magic gloves were now hers, and her rival was slain. She had no more need for the unfaithful wretch. So she took her duelling dagger, a weapon with sinister magic threaded through its steel, and moved as if to embrace him. His eyes widened when he felt the vicious weapon's cold, harsh bite. Then he felt nothing.
Obtained By:

Purchase at Duel rank 40, Grandmaster of the Duel


'Timeo Feminae et Dona Ferentes' is a paraphrase of 'Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes' ('I fear the Greeks, even those bearing gifts') from Virgil's Aenied, meaning 'I fear the women, even those bearing gifts'.

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